Thank You for Backing Our New CD

Thanks to all our generous backers, we've been able to not only meet but exceed our original Kickstarter campaign goal of $3,500 for a grand total of $5,753. This allows us to buy even higher-quality recording equipment to make an even better CD!

Find out more about our plans for a new CD, plus read about our new class sessions for beginners, advanced and youth, an upcoming workshop with kaDON pros and a profile on board member, Clare Kanoya, in our latest newsletter.

Meet Us in St. Louis

Shoji Kameda and other taiko pros are coming to St. Louis Oct. 29-Nov. 1 to teach a weekend of kaDON workshops for taiko players on Lion Chant, fue, atarigane, soloing and improvisation, and more! Register now.

We're Making a New CD and Need Your Help

We're ready to record a new album. We have the songs, the skills, the space and the drums. All we need are the tools. Donate now.

We released our first CD, "Drive," in 2011 -- four years ago. The response from our fans has been extremely positive, and we are always asked when our next CD will be out.

We have plenty of unrecorded, original songs, including some brand new ones, and are absolutely pumped to start recording them. Our goal is to have a brand new, high-quality album completed before the 2016 Japanese Festival in St. Louis.

We plan to take a different approach to recording this CD than we did with "Drive." Instead of renting a studio, using their equipment and hiring an audio engineer, we have decided to handle the entire production ourselves, from recording to mastering. Unusual? Perhaps, but it actually makes a lot of sense for us. Our taiko studio has plenty of room for our huge drums and other instruments, and we have members with audio recording and engineering credentials.

We need your help to raise money to buy our own recording equipment. Find out more about how you help support our Kickstarter campaign.

2 Japanese Festivals + 1 New CD + 1 New Advanced Class = Fun

We've gearing for two Japanese Festivals, launching a new advanced class and getting ready for a Kickstarter campaign for our new CD.

Read more in our latest newsletter.

"Top 15 Things St. Louisans Take for Granted"

We're honored to be called a "clear highlight" of the annual Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden as part of a new list of the "Top 15 Things St. Louisans Take for Granted" from

We love performing for thousands of fans at the festival every Labor Day weekend.

Read more here.

Watch Us Play in Video

Watch our performance video. You can also view the rest of our videos on the video page.

Book Show, Review Press Kit

We perform and give workshops at international festivals, concert halls, businesses, schools, universities, conventions, parades and fundraisers. If you or someone you know is interested in having us perform at a special event, find more information on our new press kit page and request a performance with our online form.

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Our CD

Our CD, Drive, is available for download at iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon Music. You can also purchase it at select performances, along with our T-shirts, hachimaki (headbands), sensu (folding fans) and other goodies.