Teaching, Learning, Cleaning

We've been busy teaching, learning and cleaning our dashi (parade float). We also have new class sessions for adults and kids.

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Meet Our New Members

We're excited to announce that we have welcomed two new additions to our performing group. Heather Grove and Jack Glennon passed auditions and are now hard at work learning our repertoire of songs.

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"Top 15 Things St. Louisans Take for Granted"

We're honored to be called a "clear highlight" of the annual Japanese Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden as part of a new list of the "Top 15 Things St. Louisans Take for Granted" from

We love performing for thousands of fans at the festival every Labor Day weekend.

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Studying With and Being Inspired By KODO

Performing group member Susan Kissinger and community group member Jean Cline recently visited Kansas City to participate in a four-hour workshop the Kansas City taiko group, Three Trails Taiko, organized. They joined 20 members of Three Trails' youth and adult teams to learn from Yosuke Oda, assistant artistic director of KODO, arguably the world's best professional taiko group, which is currently on its North American tour.

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Watch Us Play in Video

Watch our performance video. You can also view the rest of our videos on the video page.

Book Show, Review Press Kit

We perform and give workshops at international festivals, concert halls, businesses, schools, universities, conventions, parades and fundraisers. If you or someone you know is interested in having us perform at a special event, find more information on our new press kit page and request a performance with our online form.

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Our CD

Our CD, Drive, is available for download at iTunes, CD Baby and Amazon Music. You can also purchase it at select performances, along with our T-shirts, hachimaki (headbands), sensu (folding fans) and other goodies.